Forget about what your computer cannot do. It is time to only think about the limitless opportunities of what your computer can  do. Whether you need a computer for video editing, music production, website design, or playing the latest RPG, a gaming computer is built for handling all of these tasks and more. If you are ready to take the next step in maximizing your productivity and PC capability, Magic Micro Computers can help you build the ideal gaming PC to help you achieve limitless possibilities.

To better understand why a gaming PC is the best workhorse computer type, let’s dive into some of the core components of a custom gaming computer.

Shear Power

A gaming PC has some incredible firepower behind it. The latest generation of AMD Ryzen and Intel processors can handle many CPU (central processing unit) intensive programs. The GPUs (general processor unit) equipped on most gaming PCs made today can also withstand any number of graphic-intense programs.

If you have ever had issues of switching between programs or manipulating parameters in a program because your computer is slow, you won’t have to worry about that with a gaming PC. Most gaming PCs are equipped with 8-32 gb of RAM (random access memory). If you need to run multiple programs at once—such as a recording software and a seperate editor, and you need the ability to go between the two programs—8-32 gb of RAM will help maintain your computer’s speed and prevent you from becoming frustrated with reaction times.


Because gaming PCs need space for video games, many gaming PCs are sold with massive hard drives; we’re talking one to two TB hard drives. This is great news for you, whether you want to save catalogs of data, Adobe InDesign files, or keep your movie collection secure and available to watch at any time.

Another important component of gaming PCs is their preference for solid state drives (SSD). SSDs do not have moving and mechanical parts. All information is stored on microchips which allows for physical stability and faster access to the data stores. Gaming PCs use this to load games faster; however, you could use it to access all your files as efficiently as possible. Forget about waiting and staring at loading screens and get a computer with a SSD. You’ll thank us later.

Custom Build for Customization

The great thing about many custom gaming computers—versus their office or business counterparts—is that they are built with customization in mind. If you decide that you want a larger hard drive or another graphics card, gaming PCs and the cases they are sold in usually allow you to upgrade, swap-out, or add additional hardwire to the computer.

If you’re a photographer, you’ll want to keep your collection of high definition photos safe on your hard drive. But as any photographer knows, you can have thousands of photos in your portfolio or collection. If you find yourself running out of space, gaming PCs have unparalleled flexibility in their builds that allow you to optimize the PC for your exact needs.

No matter what you do, or how you do it, you should never be limited by what your PC can and cannot do. Magic Micro Computers can help you build a custom PC to meet all of your needs. Whether you need massive amounts of storage readily available in an instant, or the ability to run multiple processor-intense programs at once, Magic Micro Computers can build you a high quality computer. Don’t be held back by your computer again—buy a custom gaming computer from Magic Micro Computers today.