Magic Micro Computers, a maker of custom gaming computers, loves all things gaming. We have to; that’s our business. However, for those who are new to gaming, it can be a confusing world to dive into. In our continuing series on defining gaming, today we’re going to take a look at virtual reality gaming in hopes of shedding some light on it. Contact us today for more information on custom computer builders!


Gaming itself is the playing of an interactive video game through consoles, computers, mobile phones, or tablets that can be a solitary activity or can involve others who are either physically present or on the internet.

Virtual reality gaming is where a person can play a video game in a three-dimensional (3-D) environment and interact with that environment. It creates an alternate world per se that you can enter while you are in the video game. Many people liken playing virtual reality games to entering other worlds where reality is temporarily suspended, leaving the gamer with a feeling of amazement.


There are different types of virtual reality games, the simplest being a 3-D image that can be explored by your controller. Gaining in popularity are virtual reality headsets (VR headsets) that provide a complete experience as the game wraps around the gamer. Special rooms are set up where gamers can wear custom-built suits with attachable computers in essence and other sensory components to offer up a more precise experience. Tactile feedback is solicited through haptics (touch) devices as well as scents.

Virtual reality gaming has only just recently come to some sort of real fruition. VR gaming began with just a projector in a room, using a standard keyboard and mouse, a game controller, or similar motion capture methods. Efforts to snazz up the virtual reality world included adding in treadmills and more movement capabilities and tracking capabilities in order to capture that immersion feel.

VR headsets are currently a great way to play your virtual reality games on your Magic Micro Computers’ custom build PC. VR headsets offer a great experience with little delay and lag time and with little nausea, which was a common complaint when virtual reality first began. Most virtual reality headsets offer motion sensing controllers and trackers that work with the headset. Some virtual reality games offer what is known as room-scale VR, which is where you are able to physically move within the space to mimic real-life movement. Seated or standing virtual reality has the user in a seated position.


Virtual reality therapy is the use of virtual reality technology and gaming implements such as a custom built PC by Magic Micro Computers to simulate an interactive and immersive environments for physical or psychological healthcare applications, which has taken off with VR headsets. Some common uses of virtual reality therapy include:

Phobias. Virtual reality can be a powerful tool for therapists to help people desensitize to trigger points or other types of therapy that involves creating a virtual copy of what the person is averse to.

Physical therapy. Virtual reality is utilized by physical therapists to help those recovering from injury, including prosthetic training, therapy for repetitive stress injuries (RSI), and other physical traumas where an alternate world would be helpful.

Strokes. Strokes can cause temporary paralysis or memory loss. When virtual reality is used with victims of strokes, neurons are stimulated as the person performs those activities virtually. This can help the patient regain use of limbs let’s say from the neuron activity.

Paraplegia. When you are suddenly paralyzed, your brain remembers what it’s like to use those limbs, and in a virtual reality world, you do get to use those limbs. This can stimulate your neurons that has been shown to help with actual movement.

Sports training. If anyone has ever done any kind of sports, you know half the battle is mental. When you are injured and unable to physically perform the activity itself, you are able to “practice” in your mind without the physical aspects of it. In some sense, this can be very beneficial as you strengthen your brain more through only having to concentrate on your mental game.


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