Gaming can be a complicated world — a world unto itself if we may say so — especially to the beginner. Magic Micro Computers is a company that specializes in offering custom built gaming computers, including custom built PCs and laptops, to the gaming community. We’re going to embark on a series of blog posts to help you understand some of the aspects of gaming. In today’s blog post, we’ll introduce you to motion gaming. Visit us online today to learn more!


Gaming itself is defined as the act of playing video games, or electronic games, on different mediums, such as game consoles (an example would be a Playstation) or on a personal computer, such as a custom built computer that Magic Micro Computers specializes in. You can also engage in video games on mobile phones or a tablet.

Motion gaming (or motion-controlled gaming system) is where a gamer plays a video game that involves body movements. This can include the spoken word, gestures, or full-blown body movements such as running or jumping. This technology was pioneered in 2006 by Nintendo when it released its Wii system. Since then, other companies have released motion-controlled gaming systems, including Microsoft XBox, which makes the Kinect, and Sony, which makes the PlayStation Move.

Most motion gaming is operated by handheld controller that looks a lot like a TV remote control. A camera is placed somewhere in the gaming console itself that monitors the player or players’ movements. You’ll be amazed at what this technology can pick up, from rotation, tilts, directions, and even degrees of your movements. All of this information is transmitted wirelessly to the gaming console, which then interprets it, codes it, and implements it in the game seamlessly and within fractions of seconds.


The Playstation Move tracks the controller in your hand by a video camera. The video camera is plugged into the gaming console and transmits the information to the gaming computer, including to Magic Micro Computers’ custom built computers. This system can detect your location in 3D space. The Playstation Move also uses facial recognition in its system as well as tracks your head position.


The main difference between the Playstation Move and the Kinect is that the Kinect is controller-free. It uses cameras, motion sensors, facial recognition, and voice recognition to “see” in 3D and transmit all of that input to the gaming computer for processing. In essence, you are recreated by the gaming system as a skeleton (perfect for Halloween), while the motion sensor detects your movements in space. The speech recognition software allows for the spoken word to be understood, which is a really cool feature.

Recently, Microsoft announced it is no longer going to produce the Kinect, as it has decided to turn its focus to 4k resolutions and hardware. This was in part because of its cost. However, the technology lives on, mainly in terms of its robotic capabilities and applications.


Motion control technology has amazing capabilities that are being utilized in other sectors, from the health field, robotics, videoconferencing, 3-D rendering, image processing, and augmented reality, which is the integration of digital information into the existing environment. One example of augmented reality that everyone who has ever watched a televised football game or the Super Bowl will recognize is the yellow line down the center of the field that marks the football’s position for viewers. Circling on the TV screen and drawing lines are augmented reality as well.


As you can see, gaming technology is highly-sophisticated and is constantly being improved upon for the next best thing. If you think of the inauspicious beginning of gaming in the 1950s as a dissertation project for a couple of PhDs to today, it’s truly mind-blowing how far humans have come with regards to computer technology.

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