In part 1 of our blog series on the pros and cons of gaming, Magic Micro Computers, a build your own computer company, laid out some solid benefits of video games and gaming. In this blog post, we’ll focus more on the potential cons of gaming, which is widely user-dependent. Visit us online today to begin!



Playing video games may result in insomnia. Insomnia is the inability to sleep when you want to, especially playing video games late at night. The reason for this is that playing video games stimulates your mind, which can take a little bit to come down from after you’re done playing. If you notice you may be suffering from insomnia after playing video games, Magic Micro Computers recommends that you quit playing video games on your custom gaming computer build by 7 pm.

Playing video games can be addicting. Playing video games is a stimulus and many people relish the challenge of advancing to the next level, defeating opponents, and winning. It can be hard to stop. However, gaming is just like any past time — you can put the activity above leading life, which is where problems arise. Online gaming especially can lead to problems since the game never ends. If you’re allowing gaming on your Magic Micro Computer that is a custom built PC to interrupt your daily life, it’s time for a pivot.

Playing video games can lead to weight problems. While it’s true that if you hardly move because you are playing video games online all day long, then you should probably consider motion video games that require you to move. You can actually use gaming as a form of exercise with these video games.

Playing video games can lead to slouching. When you sit for long periods of time, your body naturally wants to slouch to save energy and work. That’s why it’s important to take breaks at work. When people play video games on Magic Micro Computers’ custom gaming laptops, some people play by sitting on the floor, in their beds, or by sitting in chairs that don’t fit them. This can over time lead to spine problems. The solution to this is to limit your gaming time, move around some, and sit in a chair that fits you.

Playing video games can lead to tendonitis. Any repetitive movement can cause problems. Take baseball pitchers for example. Many of those suffer from elbow and shoulder problems from the repetitive motion of throwing. Similarly, sitting for hours and playing video games on Magic Micro Computers’ custom built desktops can damage tendons and nerves in the hand, particularly in the thumbs.

Playing video games can lead to a diminished appreciation for violence and death and can lead to more thoughts of aggression. This is one of the major complaints parents have with their kids. However, studies are inconclusive on whether video games lead to actual violence because the connections to thoughts often don’t translate into actions — and if they do/did, this is extremely hard to measure. It’s in humans’ nature to experience a wide array of emotions, such as love, happiness, contentment, anger, and sadness. We all get angry at others and may even think of hurting them, but that doesn’t mean we do. Proponents of video games point to the fact that kids spend hours practicing the piano or playing basketball and are praised for their dedication to their craft, but kids who spend hours playing video games on custom computers offered by Magic Micro Computers are maladjusted and criticized for it. However, gaming can even be a healthy way to let off steam after a long day.

Playing video games can be isolating. When you’re playing video games for hours on end straight on your custom built gaming computer by Magic Micro Computers, you don’t interact with your family or the world for that matter all that much. This can strain relationships. However, the key to this is self-control. Limit yourself while you’re gaming.

Playing video games is expensive. Magic Micro Computers which offers the best custom gaming computers around can’t dispute this. Some of our custom gaming computers such as the Clevo 13.3" Custom Home & Office Notebook cost upwards of $1000. However, most hobbies entail a good bit of investment, from boating, riding ATVs or snowmobiles, or even just go-carts.

Magic Micro Computers makes the best custom gaming computers. We want to stress that gaming is just like any other hobby or sport — it has its pros and its cons. A healthy perspective is needed when engaging in any activity. You can go overboard to the point it affects others; that’s your clue to pivot. When it comes to kids, parents make the decisions regarding their gaming and computer time.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about both the pros and the cons about gaming. Magic Micro Computers offers amazing custom built gaming PCs that will suit all your gaming needs. From Barebones PCs, custom gaming desktop computers, and custom gaming laptops, we offer something for everyone. We offer compact computers to fit under your desk and top-of-the-line computers to run the most sophisticated games on the market today.

Magic Micro Computers always puts the customer first. When you order a custom gaming computer, you can expect warranties on your hardware, as well as a great return and exchange policy. We offer free lifetime tech support on all our custom gaming computer systems, as well as an extensive set of resources for peripherals and gaming operating systems. Visit us online today!