If you just purchased a custom built laptop to enjoy your favorite PC games and programs, you might notice the shortcomings of a laptop only a few hours into your experience. Undeniably, the portability of a laptop almost pays for itself. The next time you go on vacation or visit family and friends, the laptop easily travels with you. But what about protecting it in travel? What about the tiny screen or compact touchpad? After you buy your top-of-the-market, high quality, custom built laptop from Magic Micro Computers, you’ll need to protect it and upgrade it so you can get the most out of it.


If you plan to travel with that new custom built laptop from Magic Micro Computers, you must protect it in a travel bag. There are many options depending on aesthetic design, utility, and durability. For something that hits all of these key points, check out the Manhattan Portage Whitehall Laptop Bag. Stylish, comfortable, water resistant, and expandable to fit your needs, this bag does a decent job at protecting your custom built laptop while still remaining fashionable. If you need something more durable, look for a waterproof laptop case or a rigid exterior for insulating your computer from damage and impact.


Having a custom built gaming laptop gives you the option to play hundreds of the most popular PC games at high graphics settings virtually anywhere. But what good is all of that if you have to use the touchpad that came with the laptop? Using a high quality external mouse will give you greater mobility and control of your gaming experience. Rather than looking for something with a high DPI, see if you can find something that fits comfortably in your hand. Make sure your wrist isn’t craning or resting at uncomfortable angles. Remember, you are going to be holding this mouse for hours and hours, so you want to prioritize comfort and wrist health to prevent long term issues from plaguing your gaming experience. Some gaming mice even have adjustable weights on them to help you glide with near-frictionless movement. That sounds much better than the cramped, unresponsive touchpad.


After you have upgraded your case and gaming mouse situation, it is time to consider how a gaming keyboard can benefit your custom built laptop. The optimal gaming keyboards have mechanical buttons that give you responsive touch to each key—plus, they sound like a typewriter. Gaming keyboards also come with anti-ghosting capabilities which allow you to use more than two keys at once. So next time you are moving a character in-game while also navigating chat and inventory buttons, try not to rage quit on your custom built laptop and instead get a gaming keyboard. Gaming keyboards can also be more customizable than a laptop keyboard. You can change colors and textures of keys, while also benefiting from a more spacious and less compact layout.


If you’re getting tired of squinting at dialogue subtitles or in-game detail text, consider upgrading your monitor situation to something larger. Many custom built laptops come with incredible built-in monitors, but sometimes you just want something that is 24 or 36 inches to fully immerse you in the gaming experience. Many monitors today are sleek, fully customizable, and more affordable than they were a few years ago.


While the mic and speakers built-in to your custom built laptop may work for single player campaigns, your online friends may complain that they don’t want to hear your dog barking through the integrated mic on your custom built laptop. Stay competitive and keep your multiplayer friends with a high-quality headset. Like the recommendation on the mouse, make sure that the headset comfortably fits on your ears without crunching or depressing them. Again, you’re most likely going to wear these hours at a time regardless of whether you’re gaming, watching a movie, or taking a walk. Comfort is key. After you have found a comfy headset, then consider things like 7.1 surround sound toggling or an echo cancelling mic.


After you have purchased your custom built laptop for gaming, do not neglect your internet options. Even the most incredible laptops and gaming PCs will be useless without a good internet connection. Make sure you have a high quality router that will broadcast a strong signal to your laptop. This is important regardless of whether you game or not, as a high quality router will let you stream and download without breaking a sweat.

Regardless of what accessories you decide to get for your custom built laptop, and regardless of whether you’re a gamer, these accessories are essential. But first, make sure to purchase the best custom built laptops at Magic Micro Computers. Pick out your custom built laptop here.