Long ago, there existed a major divide in PC gaming. There were those bound to a desk or table with high-powered graphics cards and processors, and then there were those who had the mobility to game anywhere but at reduced performance. It was desktops versus laptops — and no doubt, the battle rages on today.

One of the biggest factors in the performance differences between desktops and laptops was the space capacity. With gaming PC desktops, you have a massive tower that can be filled with a variety of large, high-performance components. With a custom gaming laptop, you have much less space for specialized components.

While most desktops have an almost infinite selection of discrete graphics cards (discrete simply means they are stand-alone graphics units), custom laptops and gaming laptops usually have to make a choice between integrated graphics (a graphics processor that is built into the CPU), or discrete graphics.

One of the first steps to getting a custom gaming laptop or visiting a website that allows you to build a gaming laptop is to find a laptop with more than just an integrated graphics system. Making the CPU handle system processing and graphics processing will slow down performance and create a less than ideal gaming experience.

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Discrete Graphics for Laptops

As we mentioned earlier, discrete graphics will allow your processor to focus on what it needs to do, while a completely separate graphics card handles graphics rendering. For this very reason, discrete graphics systems are favored by gamers and those working with programs that require lots of graphics rendering.

Laptops used to be extremely limited in their ability to house discrete graphics cards. Even today, the trend of making laptops thinner, smaller, and lighter makes it more difficult to put a high-performing graphics card in your system. If you are okay with moving away from the thinner and lighter trend, then you should be able to find yourself a decent gaming laptop. If you still want the ease of access with a thin laptop, there are plenty of options that combine smaller designs with a less-intensive graphics card.

If you are willing to sacrifice that slim design for higher-performance, the sky’s the limit. There are plenty of custom gaming laptops that have a GTX 1080 graphics card in them. However, when you have high-powered graphics, your computer is going to need a better cooling system, better ventilation, and a better processor to keep up. The result? A large, heavy brick of a laptop that may not be the mobile device you thought you could get.

While the popular graphics card company Nvidia released its Max-Q line of GTX GPUs a few years ago, gamers are still struggling to play games on laptops at high settings. Unless you are dropping thousands of dollars, it is just too expensive and cost-prohibitive for most gamers.

If the details aren’t as big of a deal for you, having a gaming laptop with a midrange or lower-tier discrete graphics card should work fine. If you truly need the flexibility of having a laptop you can save plenty of money by getting a cheaper discrete GPU.

Integrated Graphics Cards for Laptops

Integrated graphics cards for gaming laptops have historically been less-than-optimal for gaming. Typically, an integrated graphics card will draw processing power away from the CPU, causing your laptop to really slow down as it tries to render and process from the same unit. If you plan on using your laptop to stream movies, browse the internet, and stay abreast of the latest in Magic Micro Computer’s deals, an integrated graphics card will do the trick.

If you want to do any kind of gaming on your custom laptop, there are very few choices for integrated graphics cards. You should do plenty of research before deciding that you want to purchase a gaming laptop with only an integrated graphics card. There are plenty of models out there, but there are very few that are able to compete with a mid-tier or mid-range discrete graphics card.

One such brand that is gaining popularity is AMD’s Vega line of processors. AMD makes both processors and graphics cards, so when they combine the two, it is fairly comparable to a mid-range discrete graphics card. While AMD’s integrated graphics units can hold their own if you’re casually gaming, you will still want to invest in a custom gaming laptop that has a discrete graphics card if you want to do some serious streaming and high-definition detail gaming.

The Verdict on Graphics Cards?

Every gamer, since the dawn of gaming, has had a budget. At the end of the day, you want your money to go as far as it can. Investing in a computer with a discrete graphics unit can yield bigger rewards, but may cost you a little more upfront and decrease your portability. If you’re looking for a website where you can build your own gaming laptop, be sure to visit Magic Micro Computers today.