You’ve just spent a lot of time, researching and deciding on your custom gaming laptop. You’ve put in your order at Magic Micro Computers, the makers of the best build your own gaming laptops and PCs. In addition to our top-notch custom gaming laptops, desktops, and barebones PCs, we also offer free lifetime tech support on all of our gaming computers that you purchase here, and we are currently offering free shipping on all of our gaming computers as well.

What all great gamers will tell you is that not only does the custom gaming laptop matter for the best gaming experience, but also all the gaming accessories matter as well, which help to create the best gaming experience. In this blog post, we’ll review some of the best gaming accessories to complete your custom gaming experience. Contact us today to get started!


The keyboard

You’ll need a high-quality keyboard for your new custom gaming laptop that will provide you with a level of comfort and ease of use. In gaming, there are two types of keyboards you can choose from: mechanical keyboards and rubber dome keyboards. Mechanical keyboards have individual key switches, while rubber dome keyboards are the type of keyboard that most people use. Rubber dome keyboards consist of a sheet of rubber over the keys that causes the resistance and the tactile feeling, as well as registers the keypress to the gaming computer. Mechanical key switches or keyboards are designed to offer the user or gamer greater feedback during gaming. They are easier to feel the bump with, hear the click, and feel the bottom of the base with a mechanical keyboard. Mechanical keyboards can be more precise as well, and overall, you’ll feel more satisfied using one. Magic Micro Computers’ custom built gaming laptops are all compatible with gaming keyboards.

Gaming mouse

While not an absolute necessity (you can play games perfectly fine with a normal mouse), a gaming mouse will give you a slight competitive edge over your competition by offering comfort and convenience. In general, a gaming mouse will offer you some sort of advanced optical or laser sensor, which facilitates faster or more precise movements, and will offer other customization options, which will vary with models. Gaming mouses often have an extra button for your thumb, which gives you more digits to play with and extra long cables. Some even offer adjustable button tension springs so you can put less pressure on the mouse buttons, enabling faster play. In addition, most gaming mice are hard wired, meaning you have to plug them in. This is to eliminate any input delay. Wireless gaming mouses are more expensive because they come with super fast wireless technology to eliminate any delay in input. Magic Micro Computers’ custom gaming PCs are compatible with gaming mouses.

Gaming headset

Again, while not essential for a good gaming experience, a gaming headset offers superior comfort and sound quality over your normal headsets, lending to a more realistic gaming experience. While offering superior sound quality, gaming headsets are designed to cancel out noises as well. Most have microphones so you can talk to other gamers online. Choose from closed headsets, which completely isolates the ear and eliminates any sound from escaping to those around you, or an open headset, which have a perforated ear cup that yields a more natural sound. However, open headsets do let in more outside noise, and they let out noise as well, which can be a disturbance to those around you. Magic Micro Computers’ custom built gaming laptops are all compatible with gaming headsets.


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