In order to have the best gaming experience, it’s important to have the best gaming accessories — one of those being a gaming headset. Choosing the best gaming headset for you is important in order to maximize your comfort during play. In this blog post by Magic Micro Computers, we’ll go over what are gaming headsets and how to choose the right one for you. Visit us online today, and begin your build a custom gaming computer now!


With literally thousands of headsets on the market today, it can be impossible to choose between them. From workout headphones to swim headphones and consumer headphones, there’s a headset for every occasion, including gaming. Gaming headphones are all designed to maximize the user experience through comfort, sound, and portability.

  • Match your platform. Gaming headsets are made for specific platforms, such as XBox, PCs, Macs, or other devices. While some headsets are compatible with multiple platforms, make sure you match your gaming headset with your preferred platform you primarily use.

  • Sound. There is definitely a difference in sound quality when choosing gaming headsets, and in this case, the more you spend, the better. Magic Micro Computers, which makes the best custom gaming laptops recommends you get a headset that cancels out noises for the best gaming experience.

  • Surround sound. Gaming headsets that offer surround sound are different from the regular sound headphones offer. The surround sound option is where multiple drivers are installed in each ear pad that allows for different audio channels to play and be heard. Hence, the sound will be heard from at different angles and lends a sense of direction in the play, which is great for first person shooter games. In these games, you can actually tell the direction the others shooters are coming from and their gunfire when you have a gaming surround sound headset.

  • Comfort. Next to sound, you want comfort to be the second important factor when choosing gaming headsets, especially if you play marathon sessions for a long time. Magic Micro Computers, the maker of the best online gaming custom PCs, recommends a lighter material, which is great for your longer playing sessions, as well as the right size. The last thing you want when you’re in the middle of a killer gaming session where you’re winning is to constantly have to adjust your headset during play. Furthermore, you’ll want to consider the material a gaming headset is made from. Leather is definitely more comfortable for longer stretches of time; however, it will hold sweat. Other types of gaming headphones won’t have that problem but may not be as comfortable over time. You also don’t want one that is super tight, which will eventually become uncomfortable. Magic Micro Computers recommends a gaming headset that has a padded headband for optimal comfort level during play.

  • Open or closed gaming headsets. For gaming, there are two types of gaming headsets you need to be aware of: closed gaming headsets and open gaming headsets. Closed gaming headsets are designed to give you a total immersion experience; therefore, these are the headsets that enclose your entire ear and cut off all outside noise. This allows you to play your games in the same room as others but not disturb others, which is a great option for those with roommates or a particularly sensitive spouse. It also allows you to play games with other gamers, such as at a competition, without distraction. An open gaming headset is the opposite as a closed gaming headset. An open gaming headset is perforated, which lets in sounds from the outside and gives the user a more realistic listening experience. Do be aware that if you can hear outside noise then others can hear it as well. Thus, although an open gaming headset may be the experience you are seeking, this one may not be the practical choice depending on the environment that you play games in most frequently.

  • Durability. Let’s face it, most of us gamers have sat on our headphones at least once and maybe even broke them. When looking for a gaming headset, see how durable it is. Check out what materials it is made of and make sure they will last a decent amount of time and can stand up to transport if need be.

  • Decide if you want wired or wireless gaming headsets. If you’re a gamer that likes to move around, jump around, or otherwise gesticulate while playing, Magic Micro Computers, a build-your-own gaming PC maker, recommends that you invest in a wireless gaming headset so you won’t have to worry about choking yourself in the middle of play. A wireless headset is convenient, but you do have to charge wireless headsets, which could mean an interruption in play if your headset goes dead. Hence, if you go with the wireless gaming headset choice, make sure you invest in a set of backup batteries or a headset that doesn’t need to be charged all that frequently. A wired headset offers the advantage of no time delay at all since it is plugged into your CPU. Many gamers like this option for certain games as well. Frequently, gamers will own a pair of each and wear them based on their needs at the time.

  • Microphones. Microphones in your gaming headset are just nice to have when you’re playing games online with other gamers. A lot of gaming headsets come with a boom mic attached to them that’s either omnidirectional or unidirectional. Some gamers don’t like mics at all and find them annoying. However, if you do want a mic, Magic Micro Computers, the maker of the best custom built gaming computers, recommends unidirectional mics because of the clearer sound and the less surrounding sound they pick up.

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